Our Approach

Demystifying the online process is our goal and mission. I can't promise that there aren't complicated parts to web design, but what I can deliver is that we can handle the messy work and let you focus on driving your business forward. 

Our Story

Our business started in 2004 when the internet was a fledgling business opportunity. At the time many companies were wary of entering the online space and interacting with their customer base through an intangible marketplace. Many of our earliest clients were small businesses that required technical consulting and web design. Through the years our mission changed to helping small non-profits achieve their goals of customer engagement without the traditionally expensive and complex pricing structures many other developers charged. Our team actively believes that it is our responsibility to help those who need to get their message out, but don't have the means to do it. 


Meet Our Founder

Santiago Hernandez has helped small businesses move to the online space for over 10 years. He has leveraged his expertise in photography, graphic design, and coding to deliver simple, but effective website solutions to customers. Santiago echoes the LionFish Studios' core values of helping non-profits establish and develop the means to help their groups deliver the services necessary to build a better world. 

Additionally, Santiago has over 10 years of financial experience as a result of a dynamic career in the banking industry.  As an industry insider, he has leveraged his expertise to deliver client-specific guidance to aid in the growth of their business. 

Next Steps...

If we have caught your interest feel free to send us a message and your business can start it's online presence